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UI Design

Speak Out - English Practice App

Speak Out is a mobile application enables users to practice English with other users from all around the world. Based on their English level and their reason for practice, the users can add friends and have video/phone calls. During the calls, the application suggests specific topics to the users to talk about. 

The founder of the application reached out to me while I was looking for new UI projects to develop my portfolio. On this page, you will see the designs that will be implemented to the application soon and I will try to narrate what I have been thinking throughout the design process. 

What did it look like before?


What was the goal?

My goal was to create an appealing visual style that will enable users to navigate easily throughout the application. The current design of the app is functional however quite far from the design principles. 

I highlighted the call to action buttons and create a distinctive style for primary and secondary ones. After working with few alternatives, Lato was the font I selected for the application as this font served well as one of the most well-known, workhorse typeface with its multiple weights and clean look on web. I tried to avoid using black for the font color, as it disturbs the eye easily and there are many pages that necessitate the user to read while practicing. 


The half of the users are using the app in order to practice General English and more than a quarter of the users are on the Beginner or Pre-Intermediate level based on the dataset provided by the founder of the app. The illustrations I created on Freepik's Storyset not just bring more joyful feeling but also help the users to familiarise themselves with the journey of the app. 

Boarding Screens

Boarding Screens.jpg

Explore Screens

Explore screens.jpg

Adding New Friends

Add Friend.jpg

Practice Screens

Practice screens.jpg

Profile Settings

User Profile Page.jpg
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