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Charity Branding


Established in London and operating mainly in United Kingdom and France, Afidi is a brand new charity aims to encourage children to read. There are no libraries in many poor areas of Yaoundé, Cameroon. In order to tackle with this problem, Afidi is collecting all the used books to build a local library in Yaoundé, in where some other activities will be running such as babies and toddlers activities, children reading contests, and English courses for teenagers. 

When the founder first told me the nature of their charity, my initial idea was to create a joyful branding which can easily attract attention. After an extensive research we created the visual language based on children's handwriting and fingerprints. Distorting several fonts and using fingerprint like organic shapes we created the logo. Below you can see various applications of the concept such as an example of poster/presentation slide, a pattern, and business cards. 

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